Lenny's Projects

Spectator Demographics Survey Image

Spectator Demographics Survey

I created this website for The Spectator to facilitate the collection of detailed ancestral and heritage information for the Stuyvesant student body. Results are visible in an interactive dashboard.

Spectator Rewrite Image

Spectator Rewrite

This was the new rewritten website for The Stuyvesant Spectator. As a Spec Web developer, I was in charge of the development and migration of this site.

Sophomore Caucus Site Image

Sophomore Caucus Site

This was the website and homepage for the Stuyvesant Sophomore Caucus (same caucus as the one in freshman year). As their IT director, I lead development and maintained this site, as well as handling other IT department tasks.

Stuy Linux Image

Stuy Linux

This was the website for the club I founded, Stuy Linux. I am the co-president of Stuy Linux, so I started development of this site and open-source project.

Genfolio Image


Genfolio was the first place winning project Tech Optimum 2022. Genfolio is the no-code platform for generating developer resume pages.

Freshman Caucus Site Image

Freshman Caucus Site

This was the website and homepage for the Stuyvesant Freshman Caucus. As their IT director, I managed and developed this site, as well as lead their IT department.

Kinesis Image


Kinesis is the winning project for StuyHacks XI. It's a faster and more transparent way to contact trace for cafaterias and more.

BikePark Image


A webapp designed to encorurage biking and carbon-free sustainable travel by providing all available bike parking locations.

Water Leak Detector Image

Water Leak Detector

My self-developed (side project), free and open source, and full ecosystem for water leak detectors.

Salvare Image


Salvare is a winning project built for the 2021 February MLH hackathon "Hackers of the Galaxy". A dangerous asteroid displayer built off the NASA NeoW api and the Small Body Database browser.

Tunesly Image


Tunesly was built for Tech With Tim's august code jam. This is a spotify playlist/song generator, built on top of their extensive databases through their api. For more info visit its about page

Momenta Image


Momenta was born from my winning project at STUYhacks 2020 (Stuyvesant hackathon). Momenta then evolved to be a full fledged social media system, with friending, multiple pages, and a premium feature set.

Pedestrian Counter Image

Pedestrian Counter

This is a simple 'app'/model than can detect pedestrians as they walk past a camera. This is/was deployed in a cafe doorframe recording pedestrians as they walk by. The counted data can be used for marketing/ other business analytics.

Check out my GitHub for more work!